New RIders

New Riders to LCW

Although LCW is a club with a long history every year we welcome a few new riders to the mix. It's important as a new rider to introduce yourself to the group leader and let them know you're new.  This is a chance to have a conversation about any questions you have prior to setting off.

All club members intent on touring should read the etiquette guidelines anually.  As a new rider please ensure you understand the club policies and procedures as LCW, like every club, is unique.

Contact the Touring Director if you have questions about specific LCW group dynamics, the etiquette guidelines or anything else you are unsure of before joining your first ride/

Learn to Ride

In April a Learn-to-Ride session will be scheduled based on demand.  This session is highly recommended for those brand new to group riding.  The clinic includes an overview of group dynamics, signals, positioning and other group riding elements prior to setting off.  It will conclude with a short group ride.

 Try-A-Ride Program

Some ride will be identified as "Try-A-Ride" in the calendar.  These rides allow riders who are not club members to join in a club activity to see if LCW is the place for them.

Anyone wishing to join a try-a-ride who is not an LCW member should complete the appropriate waiver on the OCA website in advance and provide it to the Touring Director and/or group leader prior to the start of the ride.

Only one try-a-ride is permitted per season. If you like the ride, join us.