COVID Update to Events

Here is the event Registration Link. REVIEW the below.

  • New events will be added as tabs so ensure you are on the right date
  • Please ensure you are signed up for the Club on CCN
  • Ensure you have emailed the Waiver to by 8pm the night before the event
  • Registration closes the night before at 8pm
  • For TT's We will seed at the event based on your anticipated speed. Fastest FIRST. 1 min gaps
  • Please fill the first time slot first. This will help to manage leaders.
  • No Day of Sign ups
  • The cut off is to allow time to get things out to leaders, break groups and possibly add leaders
  • Under 18 year old's parent/guardian must send the waiver as approval of participation in the events
  • There also can be a chance we fill up due to daylight and start time restrictions. Register early...volunteer to lead...

I know that this is Change in the way we do events but this is required to meet the province's rules, the OCA's mandate and ensure we as a club protect our members.

COVID Rules - Full details on the OCA site

  • Adhere to the OCA Return to Sport Guidelines that are current from the OCA that are updated on their site
  • If you are sick DO NOT attend events
  • Maintain 2 meters distance at all times
  • Do not congregate in groups at the start/end of the event
  • Ride leaders will have PPE and alcohol/sanitizer available
  • Once you are home please wash your hands and bike
  • If you develop symptoms or test positive for COVID 19 you are required to inform the club ASAP

18 and older

Under 18

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