Racing With LCW

2020 and Racing with LCW

We have some great news to share with the membership of LCW for the 2020 season. We will be fielding and encouraging racing with the LCW club. Last year Mike Naus, Bill Hellems and Derek Williams raced under LCW. Having the club represented with the Curnoe kits brings the club back to its roots of developing a racing community.

Requirements for racing with LCW are to uphold the club in a positive fashion when racing and riding, race in the LCW kit (if you are not racing much black shorts and the Jersey would be enough for the OCA) and be a member in good standing. I am hoping to see a few people per category. For 2020 this will be open to all members. The OCA registration is available to be selected immediately.

I will be finalizing kit orders, but the design will remain the same for 2020 as it was for 2019. I will have details in the next week to have them available to purchase very soon. I hope to see some more faces and results in the kits this year.

I will be racing under LCW for 2020 and I hope you will consider joining me if you are looking for a team.

Please contact me via Facebook or email at to express interest or answer questions.

Chris Pollett