London Centennial Wheelers


The LCW strives to create an inclusive and respected community of cyclists developed through various disciplines of the sport.


The LCW through its members fosters an inclusive sporting community of cyclists. Through its events focusses on the growth and development of athletes. Through its activities promotes the benefits of cycling and as a sport for all.

2021 Memberships are live

Great news.

The 2021 LCW Memberships are live as of yesterday!

Please also review the update license requirements for racing in Ontario if you are going to race at all. The OCA has made some significant changes based on feedback. Details here.

The hope is to lower the barrier to to trying racing and require UCI license only when needed (National level or International Racing).

If you have no intention on racing at all, the Club Affiliate OCA membership is what you need. Once you have that, it covers you for all OCA clubs in Ontario (you still need the club membership but NOT the OCA again).

Further details are Here and as always, just ask if you have further questions.

Your 2021 Executive and Directors

Thank you to all that attended the 2020 AGM. Happy to announce the new 2021 club leadership

President: Chris Pollett

Vice-president: Reg Ash

Treasurer: Mike Long

Mountain Bike Lead: Aaron Karr

Racing Director: Chris Pollett

Touring Director: Leif Maitland

Race Director: Amy White

Secretary: Mike Naus

TT's and more about TT's

Congrats to the Champions at this weekend's TT! It was a beauty day filled with PR's and Sun.

Thank you to Ben Hill and Mike Long for volunteering

Thank you to all that came out and had fun racing!

September - Back to Belmont

Shifting back to the old course for the rest of the season.

4 chances for a PR!

Event details and registration Live

Please go to the Calendar/Events page for updated details, registration link to google sheets and the calendar for dates.

Excited to see people out and slowly return to hosting events.

Note: TT's will be timed using strava to maximize participant numbers. Please join the LCW group on Strava to simplify result collection. If you do not have a GPS, we will get a time from you onsite from your head unit.

Club TT and Mountain Bike Rides

We have some great news to share. We have been asked to pilot some TT events using the updated COVID requirements. This is to iron out the details for the OCA to support expansion to other clubs.

First event is looking to be July 2nd at Belmont course. Further details to be posted. I will need 1-2 volunteers. Please get up on Strava and a member of LCW group. We may need to use that for timing depending on Volunteers...

We also will be holding at least a weekly MTB ride. Details to follow as well as I work out dates. I am looking at tentative July 8 at Fanshawe lake. I’ll need 1-2 volunteers to lead a recreational level ride.

For both:

Pre-registration is required as we need 1:9 lead to participants. Sorting how and will post ASAP.

You must me a member of the club, have your OCA set up (club member or race ) and signed digitally the COVID waiver from the OCA. Once signed you need to email it to the club. This is critical as we need it before the event. Please send to

18 and older

Under 18

Questions, please email Chris Pollett

Who is excited?

Old News

2020 LCW Plans

Good day LCW members, future members, past members and lurkers

First, there is no TL;DR...estimated reading time... =(Wordcount/200) = 6 minutes. #worthit

2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year with some changes and I wanted to take the time to share some updates.

First and foremost (or someone might think I am burying it), is that there will be an increase in the membership costs for 2020. This is driven by the fact that we have had small operating losses and we did not feel it is good planning to continue to do so and rely on the race revenue to offset such losses. We also struggle to add value to your membership if we are already in a negative cash flow position.

For 2020 the membership costs for Adults will increase to $40 and youth to $15. $5/adult member will be directed to a budget for the race series and the same $5/adult member will be directed to a budget for the touring program. A report of spending will be submitted at the end of 2020 to ensure alignment and effective use. We will review this at the 2020 AGM to ensure members see the value.

Vision and Mission:

The executive reviewed club’s mandate and has updated it to allow more alignment and flexibility to what our members want. We are hoping to deliver the below and we are always open to feedback, compliments and criticism on how we are doing to deliver. I hope that this resonates with our membership.

Vision: The LCW strives to create an inclusive and respected community of cyclists developed through various disciplines of the sport.

Mission: The LCW through its members fosters an inclusive sporting community of cyclists. Through its events focusses on the growth and development of athletes. Through its activities promotes the benefits of cycling and as a sport for all.


2019 brought an increase in numbers of participants for the Tuesday series and the Thursday TT’s. This was amazing and was driven by new people trying racing in our C’s and a significant increase in youth participants. We saw a lot of personal growth in both series.

For 2020 I am hoping to continue that trend with more learn to race, continued C races and will be adding some skills sessions. Youth and new members are critical to our Clubs continued success. I am looking for new criterium and road race courses. Please share ideas with me, Chris Pollett.

For the value add, in the past there have been off and on prizing at events. Primes and Prizes came out of members’ pockets and volunteer pockets. Small things add up and sometimes that small prize creates some excitement. We also will be having another race week with an overall winner. Lastly, last year we were lucky to have a donation by Craig L to sweep the Meg Drive course by a professional road sweeper. This saved A LOT of hours as it was a disaster (and a few flats I am sure) and I would like to leverage this company again for a sweep for 2020. I also did some course maintenance that had us racing on the Innovation course safely. Who knew I was pretty good at tamping pavement!


For 2020 the, “If you want to lead it - we’ll schedule it” will be in effect. The plan is to support those already leading and to bring new people to the touring side through events.

The plan is to develop one-a-month “fondo-style” rides featuring a destination and season- appropriate theme. Think Sugar-bush season opener; an ice-cream ride in July, and a pie-ride. Also looking to have distance and gravel options to ensure everyone can participate. The aim is to provide an event for club member and a social atmosphere to bring some new people to the touring events. Also looking at scavenger hunts, if there is interest.

For the classic weekly Saturday rides in 2020 I’ve already started the process to get group rides posted further in advance by co-ordinating with those who regularly lead rides. Any additional funds will be used to support in the form of coffee-stop funds for those who host rides week-in-week-out.


As there were no nominations for the role of Social Chair we have eliminated the role for 2020. We have asked that the Racing director, Touring director and President create and host a social opportunity in 2020. I would ask, if you have an idea, please email me, Chris Pollett.


If there is interest, we will be able in 2020 to offer MTB rides, CX clinics and gravel rides.

Your 2020 membership registration will be asking some key questions to shape what YOU value in the club and what types of riding you do. If there is interest, and we have someone who can lead, we will facilitate these opportunities, even if it is for weekend adventures.


We have some amazing news to share about an AWESOME partnership with Forest City Velodrome. In the past we have our banquet and celebrated club members with the awards and trophies. We pulled the trophies out, awarded, and then packed them up. We have been working with FCV and are happy to announce we will be setting up a display of the Awards at FCV in a cabinet for all to see. This will be a place that we can all see the amazing history and legacy of our club in our key hub of cycling in the area. More details to follow and we will share when it is ready!

Kits and Racing:

In 2019 Bill Hellems was awesome and rallied the troops and ensured there was a kit available for purchase. This was amazing to see and helped highlight LCW at several races and also, let’s be honest, it is amazing to see the Jersey out there. We will work to facilitate this again in 2020. Also, we have lots of independent racers in the area, did you know if you have a kit, and register as affiliated with LCW you can race under the LCW club? Email Chris Pollett for details.


In the coming months we will be updating the website. The version of the site has reached a point where updating may cause a loss of data. The plan is to stand up a new site that meets our needs and keep the old content in archive state for ~1year to allow migration and people to get content they want off the site. There is a lot of rich history we want to keep and move over but that will not be an overnight task.

We hope you are as excited as we are for 2020 and what the new season will bring, your comments and feedback are always appreciated and we look forward to enjoying the open road, or a closed loop, with you all soon.

2020 and Racing with LCW

2020 and Racing with LCW

We have some great news to share with the membership of LCW for the 2020 season. We will be fielding and encouraging racing with the LCW club. Last year Mike Naus, Bill Hellems and Derek Williams raced under LCW. Having the club represented with the Curnoe kits brings the club back to its roots of developing a racing community.

Requirements for racing with LCW are to uphold the club in a positive fashion when racing and riding, race in the LCW kit (if you are not racing much black shorts and the Jersey would be enough for the OCA) and be a member in good standing. I am hoping to see a few people per category. For 2020 this will be open to all members. The OCA registration is available to be selected immediately.

I will be finalizing kit orders, but the design will remain the same for 2020 as it was for 2019. I will have details in the next week to have them available to purchase very soon. I hope to see some more faces and results in the kits this year.

This is the design.

I will be racing under LCW for 2020 and I hope you will consider joining me if you are looking for a team.

Please contact me via Facebook or email at to express interest or answer questions.

Chris Pollett

2020 Membership Update

Membership Update:

We have had some inquiries about memberships for the 2020 season and what the plan is. To be honest, we do not have a policy for a ‘pandemic causing pause of all club events’. Who would have seen that coming!

Well, we are going to make this one up on the fly and ensure that everyone is whole or more.

· Up to EOD May 31st you may request a refund in full for 2020 membership fees if you have paid by then

· If we are unable to host any events before July 1st, any 2020 membership will carry forward and you will receive your 2021 LCW membership free of charge.

o Note: we will have to do discount codes to ensure waivers etc. are signed

We are unsure the OCA’s position this year. I expect they will have requests and will have a policy soon. That is up to them but we will press for a communication as our dates above get near.

We know that this will not be an ‘alright, tomorrow back to normal’ and will be working to incorporate a gradual return to events but focusing on safety. I already have some ideas to keep it competitive while slowly getting back to group events. I know Leif has the same.

Until then, I invite you to join us if you are on Zwift, share your experiences on Facebook if you are riding and continue to practice safe riding.

You also have our commitment that if we get a season up and running, we will make it great.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns,

Your Executive

2020 LCW Update - Kit Orders and more

Who is excited for Spring!

We are all super excited for the 2020 season that is just around the corner so we wanted to make sure everyone is up to date on things so you don't miss out!

This year we will be encouraging and supporting racing under the LCW Club Affiliation program.

How do you participate?

  • When registering for your OCA license you must add LCW as the affiliated club

  • Race in LCW kit (ordering details below)

  • Uphold the positive values of the club at events

That is it. Hoping to see lots of LCW kits in our weekly series and OCA events.

We have used the same design as 2019 but moved to Garneau. This makes ordering easier. The online store will be open until Feb.11th. Once closed, that is it so get your order in ASAP. Zero exceptions once it is closed.


Things to note

  • We have priced at 16-49 units, if we total more than that in the order, we will reimburse the reduced price (~10%)

  • The club is not making anything off the order, we are passing the great prices direct to you

  • Shipping will be to Chris Pollett and we will get them to you once the order is in - About a month from store closed date.

  • Use caution, the W's items are Womens....returns due to you ordering wrong are on you.

  • Same with sizing. Garneau has sizing available here

Tentative Race Calendar is posted

We have a very similar calendar to last year with a few changes.

  • New TT Course that is easier for members to get to

  • C Category races at every event

  • 4 Event Fall Series- possibly another summer one...

  • September Racing - You asked, we delivered

  • Cyclocross skills sessions - get dirty and build skills

Touring Update

On the touring front LCW touring will continue with a “if you’ll host, we’ll post” approach

  • Please consider hosting a ride this season. It is easy to be a ride leader, contact Leif to express your interest

  • Don't limit your imagination for rides to what we have done, if there is interest, try something new: Gravel, Destination, Challenge Rides

  • Saturday rides will be posted more in advance - thank you to those supporting this and your commitments

  • Stay tuned for a season opener in March!