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Introduction and Background

The London Centennial Wheelers was founded in 1967 by a group of local cyclists with considerable racing experience in South Western Ontario.  The purpose of the club was to promote bicycle racing, to develop young riders and to serve as a focal point for cyclists interested in bicycle touring and racing.  The club has been one of the most successful clubs in Canada and has helped produce Provincial and National Champion cyclists.  While the London Centennial Wheelers history and ongoing focus is in touring and road racing, many present members are involved in mountain bike racing, cyclocross and triathlons.  Other members are recreational cyclists who like to push themselves to go a little faster.  As a club member, you will have access to training rides, club races, and time trials. You will also receive, social events, discounts at some local bike stores and a supportive environment in which to progress your cycling skills.


Membership Benefits:

LCW Membership main benefit is access to all of the LCW cycling programs. Some LCW events are open only to LCW members. In addition, you get:

Frequently Asked Questions about the London Centennial Wheelers Cycling Club

If you prefer to register over the telephone, call CCN Bikes at 866-534-2453 or 604-332-4433.

Membership fees for this year are:

Adult:  $40.00 (+ Insurance, if needed)

Youth:  $15.00 (+ Insurance, if needed)

The youth membership applies to individuals who were under 18 years of age as of January 1st, 2024.

Payment is by VISA or Mastercard only.

Insurance will be charged separately for those who do not already have insurance through holding a UCI Race License, or membership in another OCA affiliated club.  Club Affiliate Insurance for 2022 is $45 through the Ontario Cycling Association.

If you have any problems processing your membership contact Chris Pollett

How do I begin racing? 

LCW "learn to race" clinics and training rides are a good place to learn how to race.  We also run our beginner level races classed as C races. Any LCW member is welcome to attend.  We recommend that participants attend a learn to race.   Clinics are held on Tuesday nights in the early season and on a monthly basis thereafter.  Dates are listed on the Calendar.  Those interested in participating in races sanctioned by the Ontario Cycling Association will need to obtain a race license or citizen permit.  For more information consult the Ontario Cycling Association website.

Does the Club organize mountain bike events?

The London Centennial Wheelers is primarily a  touring and road racing club.  The majority of events organized by the club are road touring racing specific. We have started in 2020 to offer mountain bike events and maintain a "if you host it, they will come" mentality. 

Does the Club ride Gravel?

You are in luck!  In 2024 we will have some gravel options and we also encourage people to host the rides. For more information reach out to the touring director. 

Can I participate in the Club events without being a member?

Club events are open to OCA members.  In order to participate as a non member you must prove membership with OCA by showing your Ontario UCI license, citizen permit, or OCA affiliated club membership card.  The non member participation fee is $10 per ride. Races and Time Trials are excluded as competitive events. 

At what pace are the London Centennial Wheelers touring rides?

Club touring rides take place at an average pace between 25 and 35 km/h.  The pace varies depending or terrain, weather conditions, time of year what group you ride with and the level of fitness of the riders present. 

Training rides take place at an average pace between 35 and 40 km/h.  The pace varies depending or terrain, weather conditions, time of year, what group you ride with and the level of fitness of the riders present. There are also sections of each ride where the tradition is for faster riding and sprints.  During these portions of club rides, the pace is often in excess of 50 km/h. 

Licensing FAQ

We have lots of interest from new members, returning members wanting to race and just some general questions. This post is hoping to address a few and also spur discussion if needed (on Facebook) 

Q: What type of membership do I need with the OCA if I only want to do club events (including club weekly racing)?

A: OCA AFFILIATE CLUB MEMBERSHIP (ACM) - This covers the affiliation with the OCA and the insurance policy through the OCA for accident and liability for club activities and events.  You cannot race at OCA events using this license.  

Q: But wait, I want to Race a bit, what License to I need then? 

A: Well that is complicated a bit…There are 2 types of Racing Licenses: CITIZEN PERMIT (CP) and UCI LICENCE.  

Citizen permit allows you to race only in Ontario and only in some designated categories. That said, this will limit you, especially in road. Few races road events in the past have fields where a CP is accepted. Mountain biking is a bit different. 

UCI License is accepted internationally (good if you want to race in the US) and allows you to race in all events in Canada. This is the one to get if you want to experience racing and will ensure you can race a desired event. 

To complicate matters further, some events do not require a license and either have you pay some insurance day of or are not OCA affiliated. These are usually events like Paris to Ancaster and some gravel events. 

Clear like mud, right?

OK, I know, you decided, let’s do this, getting the UCI one. 

Q: What category should I race?

A: Well good news, if you are just starting out, you just need to decide if you are a master (35+). If you are, you can race Masters 3 or Elite 4. If you are under 35 well….Elite 4 it is. For mountain bike you can pick sport. I recommend you also elect for a level for Cyclocross…just trust me. 


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask!  We all remember trying to register the first time. 

Helpful Link to OCA

Category codes


OCA Membership/Licenses...What you need to know

There was a question today and if one asks...well I know there are more wanting details.

Cheat Sheet.

Club Affiliate $45 - You are only going to ride with clubs or race in things like our weekly race series (out Thursday TT included)

Citizen Permit $65 - Hey you want to ride with the club PLUS want to race the Ontario races. This is what you need. A bit different this year in that a CP allows you to do all the regular events. Exceptions are nationals and if a provincials is held (not likely except cyclocross).

UCI License >$120 and too lazy to look - You want to Race the one the CP gets me plus I might race provincials/nationals. Also, you may want to race a UCI event or internationally. It also makes racing in the US easier but not needed unless a UCI event. Usually US races if you don't have the UCI you pay $10/race.

BEST PART - if you get the club affiliate membership and want to race, you can contact the OCA and pay the difference. Ensure you decide a week in advance and there might be a CCN component.

That is my plan for this year. I did get the Citizen Permit and intend on upgrading if CX season happens and things open up to race a bit in the US. CX there are a couple UCI events I would like to attend if they happen in the US and I will race provincials.

Hope this helps