Stage Race Details

LCW Stage Race: This is going to be awesome

Preface: I may tweak depending on numbers and volunteer capacity.

All events are open to any member in good standing with the club. You may compete in any of the events and be scored as a regular event. To be scored for the overall Stage Race you must have competed in the Crit, TT and Road Race. There are Team points to be awarded so if you cannot make a stage your points will carry for the team.

Event will be open to A, B and C Riders with fields scored if >5 riders. Riders awarded as A, B, C, Junior and Female. Same as Tuesday nights.

Team Points – Riders points will be allocated to the team they race for during the series. I will be using what team you normally race for. Team points will be from the A/B/C overall.

Rain dates: If an event is cancelled we will use the next similar date event (ex. The TT is called we will use the following week).


June 5 8am Road Race Granton A: 4, B 3, C 2 laps

June 7 6:15 B/C, 7pm A Crit Innovation A: 50+5, B 40+5, C30+5

June 9 7:00 pm TT Poplar Hill All 20 km


Will be overall Points based. Most Points wins. Stage results separate from LCW event. So even if you cannot make all the events, come on out for regular LCW points. Points are per category (A, B, C, J, W)

Road Race:

Points 5, 3, 1 for Fastest Segment time per category on Strava

Finish Points awarded: 10, 7, 5, 3, 2


Intermediate points every 3rd lap: 3 points for first across line. No bonus points once lap cards out.

Finish Points awarded: 10, 7, 5, 3, 2


Awarded on fastest time and points awarded in reverse order (and across fields for junior and female)

Point structure: 10, 7, 5, 3, 2



Timer: Ben H

Assistant: Lorne F


Timer: Ben H

Road Race:

Timer finish: Ben H

Line 4 and Perth 139: Andrew C

Flagger at Whalen and PR 155: Melony F

All of this relies on us also ensuring we have fun and safe racing. Yellow line is in effect on all courses and safety is paramount.

I need all your help to pull this off. If this goes smooth…maybe another…