General Information 

General Information

Welcome to the LCW Mountain biking general information. The LCW was established in 1967 and primarily organized by the club are road touring and racing specific events. In 2020  started to offer mountain bike events, we currently run weekly group rides alternating between local trails with some weekend group rides. To ensure safety, and to maintain an enjoyable experience, most rides will be led by experienced, trained Group Leaders.  Furthermore, all our routes are designed with safety in mind. 


Only fully paid members of the LCW will be allowed to participate in group rides. 

As with all LCW activities safety is priority number one.   All LCW cyclists must read and adhere to all rules and principles 

Member cyclists who are new and have not cycled in an organized group at a previous club, are asked to identify themselves at the out set of a ride to the ride leader. We offer an introductory clinic in the spring for new members to help you build confidence to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable ride. Please contact the touring director or president for details.


You will need a bicycle in good working order 

You need a bicycle helmet - no exceptions.

You will need your own tools. 


Riders must sign in  with the appropriate group leader at the start of every group ride for insurance purposes. 

All group rides will leave at the designated start time.  Sign-in begins 10 minutes prior to start time. 

Please make sure to sign on with the group leader matching the pace, distance and route you've chosen from the calendar. Cyclists may pick whichever group they feel is within their abilities and meets their needs for the day. 


The LCW  bike club does not warrant that the trails we ride are safe. We make no indication as to whether or not the lands that these trails occupy are private or public, and the LCW bike club bears no responsibility in this regard. Please note that mountain biking is inherently dangerous and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you may encounter unexpected traffic, poor weather, low or no trail maintenance or difficult terrain. Please use common sense and caution when riding. The LCW bike club bears no responsibility in the event of injury or death. Therefor, by riding with the LCW bike club "I Agree to this Disclaimer."