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Tuesday, February 20 2018 @ 12:36 PM

Time Trial

Time trialing is exactly what it sounds like; it is a race against time. This it the only discipline in cycling where a rider will ride as hard as he or she can, so that they may have the highest average speed obtainable for them on that day over a predetermined distance. Otherwise known as the individual time trial (ITT) some will say that the ITT is the "race of truth" because there is no help or shelter from other riders. In the ITT drafting other participants or vehicles is strictly forbidden and a rider will be disqualified if caught. Whether there is a personal goal that one is trying to beat, or you are trying to top the field of competitors these races are always measured on time so the improvements can be accurately measured. In London a number of different courses, and different distances are used to test a rider’s ability. Starting with 15km ITT's in early May and topping out with 40km in the middle of the summer, no matter what the distance it is just you and the clock. The ITT is likely the most challenging discipline in cycling as it taxes both one’s mental and physical capacities, yet ironically it is the most accessible for all levels of ability to enjoy.

If you would like to come out and try one or all of these scheduled events please feel more than welcome. Training is geared towards getting new people into the sport.

Note to riders: For safety’s sake please ride responsibly and respect all other vehicles on the roads during these events. It is only with this respect toward all users of the road that we can continue to enjoy our sport to the fullest.  In particular this applies to the start and finish of rides when riders are gathered in one area. Please line the right hand side of the road and do not fill the lane in this situation.  Please refer to the specific regulations governing time trials under "General Information"on the Training page.





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