Road Racing

Road racing in London is a friendly competition put on by the members of the LCW. There are a number of road courses used by the club that will challenge any level of rider. The races are conducted by completing a predetermined number of laps of the course which range from 5.5 km per lap for the Scotland Rd. loop to 30 km for the Police and Fire Games loop.  The race normally ranges from 20-60 km depending on the weather, and the time of year.
Races are conducted as "pursuits" between ability classes divided in such a way as to prevent a large group of participants from being present together on the road at any point during the race, particularly the finish, which experience has proven to be more dangerous when contested by riders of mixed abilities.  To keep everyone excited there are points awarded to the top five in the A and B groups and to the top 5 elite/master women and to the top 5 U19 boys and top 5 U19 girls.  Women and U19's who finish in the top 5 of an A or B race also receive A or B points.  The same holds for U19 women who finish ahead of the 5th woman in the women's competition.   These points are maintained and go towards a trophy at the end of the year for the top rider.
Please refer to the specific regulations governing road races under "General Information"on the Training page.

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