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Touring (subject to cancellation due to weather)
Welcome to LCW Touring general information.  LCW touring has been a staple for member cyclists since 1967.  The LCW touring is long distance group cycling that is friendly and non competitive, while keeping safety a top priority.  To ensure safety, and to maintain an enjoyable experience, the tour will be led by experienced Group Leaders.  Furthermore, all our routes are carefully designed with safety in mind.  Only roads that have the least amount of traffic are used in our tours.
- Only fully paid members of the LCW will be allowed to participate in touring.  
- As with all LCW activities safety is priority number one.   All LCW cyclists must read and adhere to all rules and principles contained in the Group Riding Skills and Etiquette document prior to participating.
- Member cyclists who are new and have not cycled in a tight group ( drafting, paceline, echelon etc), will be asked to participate in one or both of our FREE introductory clinics before being permitted to tour with LCW. 
·         Road Bike 1Basic cycling skills/ Basic Mechanics
·         Road Bike 2 Group Riding Skills Clinic 
               Clinic dates and times will be posted on the website throughout the season.  Contact the LCW touring director for more information. 
- You will need a bicycle in good working order  (road bikes with clipless pedals and 23 x 700 tires is the touring standard)
- You need a bicycle helmet - no exceptions.
Saturday Tours
- Riders meet Saturday mornings, on the steps of Centennial Hall (550 Wellington St) about 10 minutes prior to the tour start time to sign in and receive any instructions.  Riders must sign in at the start for insurance purposes.
- All tours will leave at the designated start time.  Sign-in begins 10 minutes prior to start time.

Long Ride

  • Cyclists will be broken into groups according to pace.  
  • Group A - Fastest pace ride for the strongest, most experienced group riders.  You must be aware that this group may drop weaker riders who cannot keep up.   It is therefore essential that you know your way or wait for a slower group to pick you up.
  • Group B - Medium paced ride for the experienced or intermediate skilled rider with emphasis on a steady tempo.  Group Leaders will make every effort to assist the weaker riders and help them get to the destination.  If you are consistently not able to keep up, you will be encouraged to wait for Group C or make sure you know your way.  Group B has a "no drop" policy when there is no Group C available.
  • Group C - Slower ride for the slower experienced and beginner group cyclist with a "no drop" policy.
  • New cyclists, who have taken the Road Bike 2 clinic, will always start in either the B or C group, depending on fitness level.  You must be able to demonstrate adequate group riding skills and etiquette before moving into a faster group.

Short Ride 

  • Cyclists will be broken into groups according to pace.
  • Group A/B - This is a combination of A and B experienced riders only.  Group Leaders will make every effort to assist the weaker riders and help them get to the destination.  If you are consistently not able to keep up, be sure you are able to find your way ie LCW map.  
  • Group C - Currently unavailable This is a slow to medium paced ride that is the perfect distance for the newer group rider or experienced rider who wants to keep it short.  This is a "no drop" group.
  • The short ride starts at the same time as the long tour.  They are designed as short loop routes, approximately 65 to 110 k in distance, that run within each long ride.  Each tour is led by experienced Group Leaders.  There will be a destination for food and drink as indicated on the tour maps.

Midweek Tours (Wednesday)

  • The Midweek tours are available on Wednesday evenings to provide shorter rides for beginner to the intermediate- advanced cyclists.  
  • Tours range between 35 to 75 km, depending on the group and time allotment and will be led by experienced Group Leaders.
  • Midweek tours start at 6:00 pm sharp with sign-in beginning 10 minutes prior.  Tours will be selected based on the direction of the wind for that day.  They will be posted on the LCW website schedule on the same day and can be seen on front page under "Upcoming Events".  
  • There are 2 starting points to accomodate the different tour directions. (see Midweek Tour page)
  • The Midweek Tour has 2 groups to choose from:
  • Group B is for the stronger intermediate to advanced experienced riders.  The moderate effort (28-32 km/hr average), tempoed ride will help you perfect your group riding skills.  Tour distances range from 40 to 75 km. 
  • Group C is a more relaxed, slower tempo ride for the beginner to experienced cyclist, focusing on improving your group riding skills.. and exercise of course.  Average pace is 25 km/hr with a "no drop" policy and distances range from 30-50 km.
Touring Director and Group Leaders
- The Touring Director is responsible for the touring operations of the LCW and also acts as a Group Leader.
- Group Leaders will guide the touring group by announcing turns and ensuring everyone is riding in a safe and predictable manner.
- All leader instructions and warnings must be heeded at all times while riding as a group. ie “Single file”,  “Stopping”, “Slow down”, “Keep to the Right” or "No overlapping wheels" etc  
- Cyclists are not to call out directions during the ride.  This can create confusion and therefore is potentially hazardous.  Use of hand signals by all in the group is appropriate.  
- Despite a Group Leaders guidance with regards to tour directions, it is the responsibility of all cyclists to be familiar with the tour route in case they need to return home on their own.
Any touring group that goes without a qualified LCW Group Leader and or does not follow an LCW preapproved route, unless redirected by a Group Leader due to unforseen road construction or safety issues, will not be approved by the LCW and therefore not covered by the Ontario Cycling Association.
 On the Ride
- Cyclists must comply with the Highway Traffic Act  - therefore stopping at all stops signs, signaling your intentions, keeping to the far right where possible etc.
- Ride according to the Group Riding Skills and Etiquette document
- Groups will be made up with about 8-12 riders.
- The group ride is not a race.
- It is important that each cyclist work together and think of others in the group. When riding at the front, you must keep a pace that everyone can ride.  Periodically check to see if everyone is still together.  Join a faster group if you want to go faster.  
- In the case of someone having a mechanical problem or there is an accident, the group must pull over and either assist the cyclist or wait till the leader instructs to leave again.  Everyone must stand off the road as far as possible while waiting.  

- Riders at the front of the group must warn others (pointing/ verbal warning) of hazards ahead (potholes, road kill, loose dogs, park cars etc).  Furthermore, the rest of the group must pass this warning on to riders behind them.

- Hot spots are areas in the ride where riders might break away from a group to race for a town sign or ride away on steep climb.  First make sure the way is clear behind and ahead before breaking from the group.  It is essential to wait and regroup, in the town or at the top of the hill.  

- Riders who ride in an unsafe or wreckless manner will be warned only once by the Group leader.  Further unsafe riding will result in being asked to leave the group.  Continued unsafe riding throughout the season could lead to being banned from touring altogether.

- If you decide to ride back home on your own or with other cyclists without the aid of a qualified Group Leader, notify the Group leader first. You will be considered no longer part of that LCW tour and outside the scope of the LCW insurance coverage. 

The Destination
- On the Saturday ride, the A group stops for a drink and snack at a convenience store and leaves within 15 minutes.  Members of the other groups traditionally stop at a local restaurant for a breakfast or stop at a convenience store.  Midweek rides will not be stopping at any halfway point.
- You are not obligated to stay with the same group you travelled up with.  You can go back with the fast group if you wish.
What to Bring
·       - A Road bicycle in good working order
·       - Cell Phone
        - Food and drink, enough for at least half the distance.
       - Tour map
       - Inner tube, pump, tire levers, bike tool
·       - Money
Weather and Cancellations
-Tour destination will be according to LCW schedule. Tour destination can be changed or the tour can be cancelled by Touring Director in anticipation of bad weather ie very high winds, rain, lightening, snow or moderate winds with unfavorable direction.  Notifications will be posted through website calendar and seen on front page, early Saturday morning or Friday evening.

- When there is lightening and thunder before or during the tour, the ride will be immediately halted and proper shelter sought.  Riding will not continue until the storm has sufficiently past.

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