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Tuesday, January 23 2018 @ 08:53 PM
Midweek Tours (Wednesday)
  • If you are new to group riding or you need some extra miles during the week, then the Midweek tour is for you.  These are friendly, non competitive rides with a "no drop" policy.
  • Tours will be posted up to one day prior to the ride, on the LCW calender and under “Upcoming Eventson the front of website, .  Routes are decided based on wind direction ie north wind - north tour. Tours will start approximately in early May.
  • Start time is 6:00 pm.  Riders meet 10 minutes prior start time for sign-in (5:50pm).
  • Rides will be led by experienced Group Leaders.   


Two Groups to Choose from

  • Group B will be for the stronger, intermediate to advanced rider.  The moderate effort, tempo ride will help you build your endurance and perfect your group riding skills.  Pace - 28-32km/hr average.  Distances range from 40 to 75km.
  • Group C will be for new group cyclists and slower experienced riders.  Develop your fitness and group riding skills.  Pace - 23-28km/hr average.  Distances range from 35 to 50 km.   
  • Cyclists who have completed the Road Bike 2 clinic must start in group C before moving to group B. 


Three Starting Points (depending on wind direction of that day)

  • Location S/G  - Storybook Gardens parking lot in Springbank Park situated off Commissioners Rd and North Street.  
  • Location W/F  - Starbucks plaza parking lot at the northeast corner of Wonderland and Fanshaw road.  
  • Location R/H  - Parking lot at corner of Robins Hill Rd and Huron St. (Dancor)



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