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The criterium is the only discipline that is not self-explanatory based on its name. A criterium is similar to a road race, however the lap lengths are significantly shorter, making cornering a significant element in the race.

Traditionally a criterium course may range in distance from 1-2 km. The Exeter Road course that is used for the local series is just over 800m long, with a "D" shape that makes it more forgiving than the standard rectangular course.

In a criterium a rider may cover 40 to 60 laps before reaching the end; this may sound like a lot but it is approximately the same distance as any of the local road races.

The pace in a criterium may appear a little faster than in a road race, however, this is due to the shorter length of a lap, and constant accelerations out of the corners.

In the criterium bike handling skills are quickly improved upon.

LCW criteriums are run for an "A" and a "B" group (the latter including women and U19's). During the longer days of the year, the groups are split; otherwise they race simultaneously. Please refer to the specific regulations governing split and combined criteriums under "General Information"on the Training page.


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