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Saturday, February 17 2018 @ 04:11 PM
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Complimentary Track 1 Offer

 ToyotaTown is offering 10 complimentary Track 1 Velodrome vouchers to LCW members!!  Track 1 is the introduction to the track with expert instruction and the ability to ride one of only 4 velodrome tracks in North America.  Contact me directly at jrossini@toyota-town.com or 519-286-0319 to collect.


Bikes are available to use during your session.  You will require your own pedals, helmet and riding gear.  For more information and to book your ride click HERE .


Come out give it a try and beat the trainer blues.  Meet a great bunch of people too!

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Request for information

We have received the following request for information from John Swart.  If you have anything to communicate, you can contact him at jswart7@cogeco.ca

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Paris-Ancaster Memorabilia

Tim Fararr is looking for pictures from the early years of the Paris-Ancaster race for display in connection with this season's 25th edition of the race.  If you have anything to share I can pass on his e-mail.

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LCW club Jerseys

Thanks to Amy's work, we have contracted with a supplier for classic LCW club jerseys.  If there is enough interest among club members, we could submit a larger order.  Jerseys are available in a range of men's and women's sizes and in three styles: Fondo ($89), Touring ($119, available in slim, standard, and relaxed), and Racing ($139, available in aero only).  Quality increases with price.  Prices go down if we can place a larger order.  A sizing chart is below.  Please let Amy know if you are interested, and specify size and style.  e-mail to amy@amykwhite.ca .  Orders close Nov. 1.

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LCW Annual General Meeting -- Brief Report

The 2017 LCW annual general meeting was held on Sunday, October 1 at 4:00pm Chaucer's/The Marienbad.  We had a good turn-out of non-EC members who gave the EC valuable feedback on a number of issues, particularly relating to the Springbank RR and club touring practices.  Club membership fees remain unchanged for next year at $20.  Thanks to offers from Dean Lowrie and Ben Hill we are hopeful we will be able to run a TT series most Thursdays in 2018.  The 2017 Executive Committee will be Lorne Falkenstein (President), Leif Maitland (Vice President), Tim Hartley (Secretary), Brad Nicol (Treasurer), Mike Nuttall (Webmaster), Joe Narciso (Race Director), Jeff Scott (Touring Director), Amy White (Springbank Director), Sue Gazda (Social Director).  Special thanks to Amy and Leif for stepping up to fill vacancies on the EC.

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Cross Series

The Nordic Cats 'Cross Club is running a series of cyclocross races on Wednesday evenings.  Racing starts at 7pm until daylight requires an earlier start.  More information can be obtained by calling or texting Mike Jaffray at 226 231-1371.  Registration and details at www.damcross.com/weekly-series.html

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OCA Inter-Club Tour by Railway City Cycling Club

On Sunday Sept 24th Railway City Cycling Club will be hosting the Ride Across County of Elgin.  It is an OCA inter-club event and is open to all RC3, LCW and LCC members this year.  Along with cycling the great countryside of Elgin, this tour is also an opportunity to help raise funds for the local United Way. 

Date: Sunday Sept 24th

Location: Elgin County Administrative Building, 450 Sunset Drive, St Thomas  (Start and Finish will be located near rear of building)

Cost: $10

Registration: (will be supplied as more details become available - you will be able to register day of with no penalty cost)

Routes/ start times: 126 km, 4 water stops - starts at 8am,    88 km, 3 water stops - starts at 8:30am,     63km, 2 water stops - starts at 9am,    50km, 1 water stop - start at 9am

Fundraising:  Should anyone wish to engage in fundraising there will be forms available for download.  There is a custom yellow jersey award for most monies raised

There will be water , energy drink and bananas at the rest stops.  A barbeque is planned for the finish - free burger and drink for participants.

For more information contact Sue Gazda.

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Rides Elsewhere

1.  There will be a GranFondo out of Kingston on Sept. 10.  Choice of three routes - 90, 120, and 160km that are virtually traffic free with a police escort for the first 40km. Food post ride. Support vehicles for different rider paces. Two aid stations along the way with food and drinks, washroom access, support. Fee includes a jersey and water bottle. Registration at: http://www.tigranfondo.com/register/


2.  Centurion Cycling is mounting a 3 day, multi event ride out of Blue Mountain Village near Collingwood from September 15-17.  Events include a dirt road ride, a team time trial, a 25K family ride and road rides of various distances that can be done either competitively or recreationally.  More information is available at www.centurioncycling.com


3.  The Railway City CC in St. Thomas is doing a United Way fundraiser ride on Sunday, September 24 in Western Elgin County.  Start and finish at Elgin County Administrative Building, 450 Sunset Dr. in St. Thomas.  Registration is $10 on the day.  More details about advance registration forthcoming.  There will be 4 routes 126/88/63/50K with 4,3,2,1 rest stops respectively.  Water, energy drinks, and banannas at rest stops.  Finish area barbecue.  Fundraising forms will be made available for download shortly.  Top fundraiser gets a custom yellow jersey.

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Points to date

This year's points tracker is up and running.  Go to Training/Results and click on the link to download the spreadsheet.  Please verify that your reported results have been correctly transferred to the spreadsheet.  Make sure to check the crit, rr, and tt tabs as well as the overall tab.

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Race Reminders -- For Racers and Others

With the racing season now under way, here are some reminders for racers and spectators concerning racing and parking.

Please do not park on the course at Scotland Road, in the Hanwah lot at Innovation, or in the Paton Bros. lot at Sovereign.  Hanwah and Paton Bros. do not want our vehicles on their property.  On Scotland there is limited visibility for traffic cresting the hill and often a pack by the finish line, which makes it undesirable to have a line of parked vehicles making a wall along the opposite side of the course.  The vehicles also draw more attention to our operation than we would like.  Only the lap counter should be parked anywhere in the vicinity of the finish line.  On Scotland there is parking available on the shoulders of Scotland east of White Oak.

Joe and I have received complaints about yellow line violations at the race on Tuesday, April 18.  There were strong cross winds on all parts of the course and on more than one occasion a rider attacked over the yellow line to get to the front of the group.  Guttering the field in a side wind is a legitimate race tactic.  If those who are guttering the field see others sneak around them on the left, they will gutter the field against the left gutter rather than the yellow line, stringing the pack out along the wrong side of the road.  There will always be a left side of the road, whether it is the yellow line or the left gutter.  Better that it be the yellow line than the left gutter.  Let's all abide by that understanding.  Crossing the yellow line is dangerous, and it is a form of cheating.