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Thursday, November 23 2017 @ 01:41 PM
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London Free Press article on Springbank

General News

The London Free Press's Mike Hensen has a nice story on the Springbank Road Races; you can access it at www.lfpress.com/2013/05/02/sundays-reserved-for-springbank-races.

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2013 Southwest Challenge

General News

The London Centennial Wheelers and the London Cycling Club is once again proud to host the 2nd annual Southwest Challenge cycling tour, set for Saturday September 7th, 2013.   Check out our brand new website by New Concept Design with lots of photos - registration will be up and running soon.  Our Last year's successful tour, with cyclists from all over southwestern Ontario, raised a whopping $39,000 for the Children's Health Foundation which helps give practical, specialized support for the sick and injured children of southwestern Ontario.   This year we have the Epic 180 km ride, the 110 km Challenge and we've added a third ride, the 60 km Challenge.  So mark your calenders, register and spread the word about this fantastic opportunity to support our community and help "change lives ..... one kilometer at a time". 

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Paris to Ancaster 2013

General News

Congratulations to all those LCW members who participated in Sunday's 20th running of the Paris to Ancaster bike race (or as I like to call it, that thing I do every year and then swear I will never do again, but end up doing again anyway). Of particular note are the following performances:


  • Peter Mogg, 10th overall and 6th in the Men's 30-39 category
  • Mike Aston, 15th overall and 11th in the Men's 30-39 category
  • Marten Mann, 42nd overall and 17th in the Men's 30-39 category
  • Carlo Capaldi, 54th overall and 19th in the Men's 40-49 category


Full results are available at http://www.ontariocycling.org/web_pages/results/20130414-221335-p2aresults.htm

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2013 Training Series Update

Weather permitting, the first race of the 2013 Training Series will be held tomorrow (Tuesday, April 2) at 6:30pm at the Innovation course. No points will be awarded for this event, although we will keep track of the top 5 finishers. The Innovation course is in generally good condition, although on Sunday there was a fair amount of dirt on the back of the course, so riders will need to pay attention. As always, we need volunteers to help officiate our Tuesday night races. If you plan on participating in the series on a semi-regular basis, please email me (Andrew Botterell) and indicate which races you'd be willing to officiate (keeping in mind that Police & Fire and Granton do not need officials). If nobody volunteers to officiate for a scheduled Tuesday night event the event will simply be cancelled, so it's up to riders to make time to help out the club and the other riders.

In addition, and in the hopes of increasing the number of women participating in LCW events, I have added a Women Only race on Tuesday, April 30 and Tuesday, May 21 at the Innovation course, with both races starting at 6:30pm. All categories of women riders (Elite, Master, and Junior) are welcome, and participants in the Women Only race are more than welcome to race again with the B's at 7:00pm if they would like. If this format goes well I would be happy to schedule more such events going forward. Feedback, etc., is, as always, welcome.


Finally, please note that due to insurance concerns only LCW members will be allowed to participate in Tuesday night races. That means that having insurance through another OCA club is no longer enough; you must join the LCW to benefit from our racing and training series.

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Membership Reminder

This a reminder to anyone intending to participate in the race on Tuesday to purchase your membership.  Only members of the club are permitted to participate in our races.  Non-members may not participate even if they have a UCI race license or are a member of another OCA affiliated competitive club.

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2013 Touring

General News
LCW touring will be starting in a couple of weeks so we thought we’d offer up a spring primer. 
A few changes have been made to the touring maps for the 2013 season.   A number of routes have been changed this year to help avoid some the increasingly busier roadways.  We’ve also provided a new version of map from www.ridewithgps.com , which can be downloaded to your bicycle GPS and give advanced turn for turn warnings. 
As a reminder, it is essential that you are a paid and registered member in order to participate in any and all touring or racing activities with the LCW*.   Also, for insurance purposes, you must meet at Centennial Hall for sign-in to be considered part of the tour.  Furthermore, despite the preplanned tour route, the direction of the ride is at the discretion of the tour leader and minor changes may be made during the ride.  Wholesale changes to the route may also be made ie. because of a significant wind with a very sub-optimal wind direction.  In this case, notification will be posted on the website the day before.  Cancellation of any tour, because of the high probability of bad weather, will also be posted the day before.  See Upcoming LCW Events on the right panel. 
The Try a Tour program is available again this year for cyclists who are not sure if touring is for them and may be looking to join our club**.    We need one weeks advanced notice to arrange your free, one time only opportunity. Contact us at lcwswc@gmail.com .
In keeping with safety as our first priority, we have developed the Group Riding Skills and Code of Conduct document.  Noncompliance of all safety issues will not be tolerated, so please be familiar with this document.
I look forward to seeing everyone again, so here’s to a safe and fun touring season. See you soon!

*Guests are permitted to ride with us, up to three times per year, if they can provide proof of either a current Ontario UCI Race License or current membership in another OCA affiliated club.

**The club Try a Tour program is only available to individuals who have never been a member of any OCA affiliated club.

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2013 Race Schedule Posted

General News

A tentative schedule for the 2013 LCW Race Series has been posted to the Calendar -- please have a look and let me (Andrew Botterell) know if you have any questions or complaints. Thanks to Gerry Bos we will be debuting a new Time Trial course: a 20km out-and-back course along Third Line, between Mill Rd. and Iona Rd. A more detailed map of the course will be posted in the Maps section in the not-too-distant future.


Please note too that the Race Committee has agreed to change the way in which the Overall Club Champions will be decided. In 2013, the Overall Club Champions will be decided on the basis of riders' best five (5) results in Crits, Pursuits, and Time Trials. Individual discipline champions will be decided as before, on the basis of total accumulated points. We hope that this will make for a more exciting and more fair competition, and will encourage riders to participate in all three event disciplines. Comments, etc., are again welcome.

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MEC Club Night for LCW Members

General News

Marty Mann would like to invite LCW members to a Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) club night on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 from 7:00-9:00pm. Marty will close the store at 7:00pm to the general public and LCW members will then be entitled to shop at MEC and receive a 10% discount. MEC staff will also be running a few clinics through the store for the people that come.

Marty asks that you RSVP him so he can determine how many MEC staff will be needed. His email is marten.mann@mec.ca.

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2013 Memberships Now Available

Memberships are now available to be purchased through our membership processor, CCN Bikes.

LCW fees for 2013 are unchanged from last year at:

Youth:  $8.88 = $8.00 + Processing Fees (+ Insurance if required)

Adult:  $19.48 = $18.00 + Processing Fees (+Insurance if required)

Insurance is not required if you hold a UCI license or have already purchased insurance via membership with another club.

The cost of insurance has increased from last year and is now $39.  There are no processing fees added to the insurance cost.

Memberships and insurance are available online only.

Go to the Join page or click here to go to the membership page.


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Southwest Challenge

Paul with the bike he won for the most donations.Well here are we are 2 days out from out from our big day and I'm feeling kinda tired. Apart from the wild weather, the event went ahead as planned and early reports from the riders suggest they were thoroughly pleased. We were really happy to see that $30,000+ was raised for this event. What a great start! 

I again want to thank all who participated and dragged themselves through that nasty NW wind. Amazing job! Because of the wind someone suggested we call the ride the Northwest Challenge instead. 

Also I want to thank all our volunteers who persevered all day to help make it a fantastic day. Thanks to the SWC committee members who put in long hours with me as well. Thanks also to Scotiabank and all of our sponsors - please give them your support. Stay tuned for pictures and video on our website. Again thanks everyone and hope to see you next year. Here's a news article with some pics.


Congratulations, to Paul Choquette, the Southwest Challenge's first top fundraiser.  Paul remarkably raised an amazing $2500, which benefits the Children's Health Foundation.  For his efforts, Paul has won himself a new Specialized Globe commuter bike from To Wheels bicycle shop.  Way to go Paul!