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Sunday, January 21 2018 @ 11:25 PM
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LCW 2017 Racing/Touring Season -- Membership Now Open

General News

2017 LCW club membership is now available under the "Join" tab.  When you join, please have a look at the "Springbank" article above.  This is a crucial year for the future of this project.  Whether it continues will depend on you.  Please consider this when completing your membership and answer the Springbank question accordingly.

We have started posting this year's racing, touring, learn-to-race, and learn-to-ride events to the calendar.  Please have a look.  We welcome feedback on the programming that is appearing on the calendar.  Please direct comments about the racing schedule to our race director, Joe Narciso, and about the touring schedule to our touring director, Jeff Scott.  They can be reached under the "contact us" tab.  This year we are proposing a new event for Thursday nights.  From May to the end of August there will be time trials only every second week.  On intermediate weeks we will meet at either the north or the south end of town for "go till you blow" echelon training.  The format is to split into ability based groups, based on numbers, do a 15-20 minute warm up, and then 6-10 minute increasingly hard echelon session to the point where the group disintegrates, regroup, recover, and repeat for 2-3 sessions over the course of the evening.  Our aim is to provide a good "reverse periodization" workout for those wanting to improve their time-trialing, and experience riding in fast echelons and "lurking at the back" that will be of benefit for road races and criteriums.  As usual there will be learn-to-race sessions conducted each Thursday in April and one Thursday a month by Chris or Jeff.


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