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Sunday, January 21 2018 @ 11:27 PM
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Notice to all Touring riders

General News

There has been some issues regarding Touring and route selection that has been brought to our attention and needs to be addressed.  Currently,  touring routes are predetermined for the corresponding dates which is seen on the LCW Calender.  These routes have been carefully selected, utilizing the safest, quietest roads possible.  All our routes have been given to the Ontario Cycling Association as part of our Risk Management protocol.  However, as stated on under "General Information" the LCW reserves the right to change the route, for the sake of safety or to help ensure all riders make it back.  This may be because of weather, significant undesirable wind direction or road construction, to name a few.   In light of this, it is not only important that riders sign-in at the start of each ride to avoid missing a change in tour direction but also because it is required by the OCA to prove you were part of the ride for insurance purposes. 

Furthermore, we have had some riders who have been arbitraly leaving the planned tour mid ride and continuing on with an unapproved route of their own.  In this case it's important to let the Group Leader know of your departure and if possible who else is leaving.  To avoid confusion and therefore to not cause a crash, it is important that you first move to the back of the group before you decide to depart.  Note:  All riders who leave a designated LCW route will no longer be considered part of the approved LCW tour and therefore not covered by the OCA insurance.



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